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What is Storiesig?

Storiesig is a popular tool to view or save instagram stories. Anyone can watch and download instagram story without any effort. By using it, you can view all of the instagram stories of a user. There is no coding skill or installation is required to use it. It's safe and easy to use. You can use storiesig to view instagram stories anonymously. As an instagram story viewer, this tool is handy and used by many users.

How to use an instagram story viewer?

Instagram story viewer is nothing but a simple tool to save or download instagram story to your device. Across the globe, many users were excited as instagram launched its instagram story feature. But then many of them got fed up because they cannot save instagram stories or the users. If you want to save a fantastic instagram story of your friend or your favourite celebrity, you don't have any option to download it. Here is the instagram story viewer, which can help you view and download instagram stories of any user quickly with no extra effort. You've to enter a username in the input box where it asks for a username. Next, you need to click on the download button to save it. After that clicking the download button, you'll find all instagram stories posted by the user. Now You need to click on download to save the instagram story you like.

How to download instagram stories?

It was the time when instagram launched and introduced its new feature called instagram stories. And users around the world loved it so much they all started using it daily. But in an instagram story, whether it's a photo or video, it will disappear 24 hours after posting. Users were also able to see stalkers who viewed their stories. But even after having this impressive feature, they didn't allow their users to view and download instagram story.

Consequently, users got worried about how they can save instagram stories of their friends or beloved celebrity. But by using instagram story viewer, now users were able to save or download instagram stories. But not only this, but they can also view or save an instagram story anonymously.

To download instagram stories, you have to use storiesig. And instagram story viewer is a quick and easy-to-use tool. You don't have to install any app or third-party software on your device. Just get the username and enter it into the story viewer tool. After that, tap on the download button. Now you'll see a list of stories that were posted by a user. Just go through it and download any story you like to save.