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​We’ve added a ton of new and energizing highlights to our Learning Management System this fall! Stay aware of our updates in this article, just as our progressing Announcements and Releases area inside our Support Center.

Course Auto Renewal Intervals

This new instrument permits Administrators to set course reestablishments, for rehashing a course after a specific measure of time. This is valuable if students should retake courses. On the client side, this will appear as “Course History” under the courses that have been taken on various occasions. For Administrators, writes about recharged courses are situated under Reports – Course Details – Course Renewal/Iteration channel choice. To see the Renewal/Iterations, this choice can be added under Content – Courses.

Restoration Course History

Students would now be able to see their course history on courses that have executed the auto-reestablishment highlight and have been taken on numerous occasions. Incorporates the potential for progress report, date taken, score, and certificate if accessible. Visible under Learner Side LMS – My Courses, inside course cards that have numerous retakes.